SOS User Agreement

Thank you for your request to access the Mindwise SOS portal sponsored by Connor’s Climb Foundation. The first step to access the SOS portal is to read and complete Connor’s Climb Foundation’s SOS User Agreement.

This is a quick form that provides us with your basic information so we know who is using the program that we have funded.

Once that is complete, we will send you an instruction sheet on how to purchase or renew access to the SOS Portal. As you will see in the User Agreement, we do ask that you commit to implementation one year from signing in, as the login information will expire and we don’t want the funds spent on the license to go to waste!

Click Here to Complete the SOS User Agreement.

NH Law 193-J

Suicide Prevention Education is the Law!

Since 2013, Connor’s Climb Foundation has been urging lawmakers to pass legislation requiring schools to provide suicide education to staff and students. We are thrilled to announce that the years of hard work have finally paid off with the passing of Senate Bill 282! Now called NH Law 193-J, this LAW ensures that suicide prevention education training is given on an annual basis to all Middle and High School personnel and students using evidence-based materials.